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We are creative movers and healers. We offer an evolving alchemy of conscious embodiment practices rooted in Source, born of primal wisdom and intuition. We share a passion for the realization of awareness that encompasses all aspects of living, from dance to primal movement, locomotion and strength, to rites of passage, relationship, nutrition, and the many branches of a Tree of Life that grows strong in our core and our hearts.

Let us invite you to immerse yourself in a uniquely crafted personal retreat, or join us for one of our group retreats. Attend a workshop or schedule a private session. Let us support you in lifting your life to a reality beyond concept through the inner work we so love.

As we all are asked to become our own shamanic guides and healers, we need support and right guidance on our path to liberation and light. We can help.

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Sean Tebor

Sean is a guide in the arts and sciences of conscious embodiment in support of deep living. Drawing on a lifelong passion for movement, his integration of functional movement, breath awareness, locomotion, strength, mobility, and nutritional support help practitioners develop profound tools for deepest self-healing. Sean considers it a gift and responsibility to support the human experience in a paradigm shift towards core-centric, conscious-animal articulation, and the fullest realization of the Breath of Life.


Sean offers private and group sessions (in person and online), personal and group retreats, workshops, trainings, and Hugs.



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July 4-11, 2020 | Chavín de Huantár, Peru 

with Munay

Join Munay on a pilgrimage to the powerful mystical center of Chavín de Huantár, Peru.

Here lay the ruins of the ancient Temple of Chavín, originally inhabited by a pre-Incan culture steeped in ceremonial healing, insight, and ritual. Humanity finds itself at a critical spiritual and energetic crossroads, we have been here before, and there is an ancient futuristic remembrance that emanates from, and is accessible at the ancient temple spaces of Chavín.



Sep 25-27, 2020 | Atlanta, GA

John's Creek Yoga | with Sean

Join Sean for a weekend deepdive into cultivating your wise, conscious monkey.

Sean invites a primal remembrance of what it is to be human - to be consciously embodied. We must be supple, strong, open, always integrating the energies and realities of mind, body, and spirit within the wisdom of our wild heritage. Learn the 'keys' of human movement that open up infinite worlds of creative, complex variation while unlocking your deepest potential.



Nov 14-21, 2020 Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Villa Sumaya | with Sean & Munay

Join us for a week-long immersion into primal movement, dance and ceremony.

Agni invokes primordial, elemental fire. Soma invokes the primordial waters from which all life is born. Lake Atitlán is a magical place – a naturally formed volcanic lake in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. “Atitlan” means “the place where the rainbow gets its colors”. It is a powerful portal through which we can enjoy a deeply cleansing and revitalizing infusion of elemental essence.

Munay Halfon

Munay is a modern-day mystic and explorer of energy. Her dance is an inspiration to move as one with Nature, with Source, free of old patterns - youthful, abundant, and timeless. Munay is gifted with a profound capacity for reflection and holding sacred space, where her sensitivity and emotional intelligence support our deepest work.

Munay specializes in dance, cranio-sacral sessions, the Tarot, working with souls of all ages in rites of passage, women's blood mysteries, personal and group retreats, finding the special places on planet Earth that nourish and inspire, and most of all, Cacao.



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